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Configure, generate and download the layout of a new Python project.

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Python version
The Python versions for which you provide support. Typically the ones you want to include in your test suites.
Embed a tox.ini file ; make python test run Tox.
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About this template

As diecutter's authors, we are glad to share this page with you.

The template should make it easy to generate the layout of a new Python project, including nice features borrowed from Python's community best practices.

The user interface is just an HTML page.

Feel free to give feedback, report issues or request features in the bugtracker.

About diecutter

diecutter is a server that handles templates. When you post data to a template resource, you retrieve the generated content. Templates can be either single files (returns single files) or directories (returns archive). Learn more in diecutter's documentation.

diecutter is open-source template rendering software. is the original online provider for diecutter.


How does it work?

When you submit the form above, you perform a POST request to diecutter's service.

diecutter's API root endpoint.
Template's path, relative to diecutter's service URL. For /github endpoint, it is /<owner>/<project>/<version>/<path>